Multiple choice... Fill in the blanks... Vocabulary... Current events. Randomly updated so check back often.

sez who Sez Who... a fast and fun romp through wise and famous quotes. Don't be surprised if you find that you frequently think like the greatest minds. At the least, you'll find inspiration!
Appropriate for thinkers age 8 and up.

wordzworth Wordzworth... vocabulary and lots of other word related/world events challenges.
Appropriate for advanced WordZers!

ScraZzleWriter ScraZzleWriter... This dazzling word scramble combines vocabulary building with spelling. The target audience: writers, especially young writers.
Appropriate for burgeoning LogophileZ!

Fast 5 Fast 5... Players have to correctly nail 5 spelling challenges in a row. The faster they do it the higher the score. Miss? Gotta to start all over!
Appropriate for Word Newbies to play with a parent or older sibling!

Find 9 Match Game Find 9 Match Up... This fun little image-driven game challenges kids 4-ish and up to match spoken words with pictures. Many of the clues are voiced by 4 and 7 year old sisters. Kind of adorable.
Appropriate for Word Newbies with a parent or older sibling!

Europe 2022 Facts & Maps Euro 22... The horrors of Putin's unprovoked attack opened my eyes to how interlinked the 50 or so European nations are. It also quickly showed me how little I knew about where many of the countries are located, what their capitals, how rich or poor they are, and more.
I learned quite a bit researching and compiling this game featuring more than 250 geography and fact questions. Hopefully, you will learn by playing the game.

More coming soon. WORD!

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