Words bring meaning to life. Better words convey more precise meaning. The right words can make an anecdote funnier. A drama more riveting. An apology more acceptable.

The mission of this site is to collect, share, and illuminate words. Words extracted from daily news sources. Lively language mined from the best in prose and poetry. Words that are industrious yet mundane... wily and whimsical... mystifying... mesmerizing... sufficiently nuanced to create nuisances; funny sounding rapscallions that need to be read and reread... inadvertently uttered, unremorseful gibberish and jibes that carom arond our craniums... and, of course, those dastardly devils with dual meaning that alternately confuse or amuse... all matter!

Words and definitions will be featured in randomly updated GameZ. You'll find others that may pique your interest in a potpourri of writing under the heading MyWordZ. Alas, you may also visit the transmogrifying Miscellany where you'll encounter inspiring quotes and passionate thoughts in short form.

Browse around to enjoy what serendipity delivers.

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