Do YOU think like the greatest minds?  Sez Who?

Thought Provoking Quotes from Brilliant Minds

SezWho SaysYou features a collection of quotes from acclaimed thinkers, icons and iconoclasts. The idea is to gauge how much you think like these brilliant minds.

OVERVIEW: an incomplete quote will come to screen. Ponder it. Then press PLAY to see phrases that may go with the quote. Choose the one you think fits best. If what you say is what the originator of the quote said, you'll score 10 points + the number on the countdown clock in the upper right corner. If you don't match, you'll lose 10 points. For an ego boost, the game will track every Einstein attributed quote and you'll see how often you think like Einstein!

There are 9 QUOTES per game, but you can quit and tally up at any time by pressing the X BUTTON in the lower right(when visible).