Welcome to Dyl & Sloanie's FIND 9 Match Game

Designed to help little siblings - even cousins - learn all kinds of stuff.

How to Play:

10 images will come to screen. You will get an audio clue. You have 15 seconds to find the image that is the best match. The quicker you find it the more points you get.

SCORING: MATCHES earn 10 points plus the points on the countdown timer. Incorrect guesses cost 10 points. If you can't find a match, click the GO button in the lower left of the screen. When you find the match, the WORD or PHRASE appears at the top of the screen. Click on that or the GO button at the bottom of the screen to get the MATCH challenge. Game ends when you FIND 9 or go through 10 statements.
Got it?... Tap or click on FIND 9 to begin.